A simple process to make your fancy come to life.

Since the portrait is a collaboration piece, the most important part is to communicate! The process below outlines the steps we need to take to make an amazing portrait so that your personality shines through the magic.

Let's Talk

Start out by filling out the form to get in touch. Tell me if the portrait is for yourself or a loved one, individual or group, and of course, what you have in mind! We will communicate in email for any questions that may arise.

Send your photo

Once we have a good idea for your portrait, it’s time to send me your photo! You can send an existing one or spend a fun few minutes taking (or having taken) a brand new photo just for the occasion. I’ll provide a form to upload the image to when it’s time, or you can email your photo.

I create your portrait

To make sure we haven’t crossed wires anywhere, I have three stages where you can “look over my shoulder” to make sure everything looks as you imagine (or better!).  Stage 1: I send over my “art board” where I show the various bits and pieces I’m thinking of using in your portrait (wings, or flowers, or butterflies, colors, etc0. Stage 2: I send over a portrait where everything is laid out but all that’s missing is magic. Stage 3: I send over your full portrait and once you love it, I create your package.

You get your custom package

Depending on your package choice, I’ll either email you the link to download your print ready portrait and other bonus goodies, or confirm your shipping address to send you your custom printed things!

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