Best Pictures for your Flight

Here are some tips and tricks to take the best pictures to ensure your fantasy painting turns out amazing.

Send the largest image

Please ensure you send the largest resolution image you have, which usually means sending the photo from the original source if you’ve taken it with your phone. If the photo has been emailed, there’s a good chance your email program compressed the  image to save space, but that also means the photo will be grainy. There are several ways to send a photo from your device: email, text, or an upload form. All three of those options will be provided to you once we complete our initial brainstorming on your portrait.

Give em plenty of space

Please ensure your image isn’t cropped on the sides or top and has plenty of space around them. I can add wings and mermaid tails, but rebuilding arms or torsos might require extra magic and time (aka, an additional cost).

Let there be light

Best types of pictures to send are those taken outside in beautiful daylight. If that isn’t possible, a bright natural interior shot will do in a pinch.

Ready.Set. Action!

This is where kids do best – PRETEND! Pretend you are a mermaid and swimming in the sea. Pretend you are a wizard holding a dragon egg. Don’t look at the camera and smile, but ACT out your what your imagination is whispering in your ear. Don’t look at the camera, instead  look at the fairies your holding in your hand, or the magical glow coming out of from your palms.

  • Anna
    Anna, Violett’s Mom

    "We loved the portrait and the process."

  • Elizabeth

    "Words can’t express how delighted I was with the transformation of my sweet toddler into a beautiful mermaid. Fiona not only captured her beauty, but her personality as well, from the spunky sparkle in her eye to her insatiable curiosity and exuberant joy. And even better, my daughter recognized herself instantly and was delighted to have been transformed into one of her favourite fantasy characters! I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Fiona’s work to anyone looking for a unique portrait experience, or a great gift idea!"

  • Iris
    Iris, Daisy’s Mom

    "We were absolutely thrilled with the picture. We all loved it especially Daisy! Everybody has been so impressed, especially how fast! You were so fun to work with. Thank you so much! "

  • Sheryl R Hayes
    Sheryl R Hayes, Author
    "Fiona is a pleasure to work with.  Professional and talented, she provided a stunning portrait I am using for my website, social media, and business cards. I do not hesitate to recommend her to my friends and associates.”
    -Author Sheryl R. Hayes  

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